I am Samar Singla, Physicist by education and photographer by passion. I am originally from Sangrur- a small town in Northern plains of India. This website is my photoblog.

I have been photographing for about three years now and it feels nice to see how I have evolved as a photographer since I started photography as a hobby. Photography has had a great impact on my personality in the sense that it has made me more aware, of my surroundings, environment and life in general. I have started noticing things I never paid attention to earlier. I now notice the color of sky everyday, I always look at interesting street scenes twice and frame them mentally even though many times I cannot capture them. I would say I must capture only 1% or less of the interesting shots I see. Increase in this ratio somehow is what I think evolving as a photographer means.

Gadha means donkey in hindi and punjabi. Not only do I love the the word purely from a linguistic and aesthetic point of view but I also see a photographer as a neutral, ideally invisible onlooker who can be present in a scene in the most non obtrusive way. Gadha fits the bill! I imagine myself as a gadha while photographing and documenting streets who can see everything but does not influence things to a degree to have an impact on them so as to change them. So when you hear, gadha think of it as a donkey with a camera!

If you like my work, help spread the word by digging or social bookmarking the site. Constructive critique is welcome and I will be prompt to reply to any comments.


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