Har ki Paudi is one of the holiest place for Hindus in the world. It is a ghat where the daily Aarti takes place. 7 dips at this place in the Holy Ganges are believed to free you of all your sins. Ou family used to go to Haridwar every year when we were kids. I remembered everything relevant to me about this town- the best ever Dum Aloos at a small restaurant, the 10 paisa mechanical shows that told religious stories and the first ever pick pockets I saw; they looked just like normal humans and I was astonished at that. Still I used to hate that stop in Haridwar as it was enroute to our main yearly hill station trip and more time in Haridwar meant less time in hills of Himachal.
Fast forward 10 years, I remember more of Haridwar than those hill stations. I want to not only go to Haridwar but just sit besides the ghats for all day long. Be it these ladies who are astonished that this boy with a huge camera is not from some newspaper but takes pictures of people "just like that". Here in DC, it feels like the place has no entropy. People are just the same only more busy.